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How It Works

Welcome to the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington's KITTEN BABY SHOWER!

Honor your cat or sponsor a kitten as a special gift for your favorite cat lover. It's the PURRFECT gift! 

Include a note on your order with your message, the recipient's name and email, and the date you'd like the email sent. We'll send a custom email featuring the art you select and notice of your donation.  

Artist, Cindy Mirabelle, has created a beautiful virtual nursery. You can help us stock it by:

sponsoring a kitten or litter

"buying" virtual toys for kittens to play with


"buying" furniture for the nursery

 honoring your cats by putting their name in a heart we'll add to the wallpaper in the artwork.

remembering cats with customized guardian angels. It's a nice way to honor your cats, while helping FFGW help more cats and kittens in their honor. 

All funds raised will go to rescuing cats and kittens.  As an all-volunteer nonprofit, vet fees are our biggest cost. The more we raise, the more kittens we can save!

FFGW is nonprofit, so your deductions are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law. The virtual items you purchase will be added to the site within 24 hours - 48 for customized items. To be clear: you are making a donation to the Feline Foundation of Greater Washington, Inc. You will not receive an actual item (or cat) unless you order a print of the nursery. Save your email receipt for proof of your donation.