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When it Rains...

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Sebastian and his brother Triton

Last month, we asked you to help our dedicated volunteer Gina celebrate her milestone birthday by pitching in to her birthday fundraiser.  We were overwhelmed with gratitude when you surpassed our hope by an order of magnitude and raised $3800.  As promised, that money went to medical bills for Skippy, a cat who, unbeknownst to us on intake, had an abscess that required expensive surgery.  Skippy is recovering well, thanks to your generosity.  In fact – Skippy feels so good that he’s honing his fetching skills so folks will pay attention to him at adoption fairs!

Check out Skippy's Video HERE

It seems that we ask you, our incredible supporters, for help too often.  But this month, we had another unexpected emergency.   Sebastian, a sixteen-week old kitten, briefly escaped from his foster home – it happens, anyone with cats knows how some dart for the door and despite our best efforts, may get out.  Fortunately, Sebastian quickly returned home.  Unfortunately, during the brief time he was out, he was bitten, and required over $6000 in surgery.  Normally, we have a reserve for emergencies, and normally, we are very cautious with the cats we intake so that there are few unexpected expenses.  But these are not normal times, everyone’s purse strings are tight, everyone’s wallets are thin, and this sort of expense wouldn’t normally happen two months in a row. 

And so, we reluctantly ask you again to help us.  If you can donate a little to Sebastian’s bill, we are very grateful.  You can use the “Donate” button at the bottom of our newsletter email.  Even if you cannot – and we completely understand - you can still help us enormously if you talk to your family, friends and colleagues, and if you share this blog post on your social media outlets, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  There are sharing links on both the newsletter email and this page.  In addition if you purchase items on Amazon, it would help us if you could start your shopping at, and select FFGW as your charity of choice.  Amazon will then donate a portion of the purchase price to us, and it doesn’t cost you anything.  You only need select FFGW once, and future shopping will default to us, so long as you start at  There’s a button at the bottom of the newsletter email that takes you right to Amazon Smile.  And if your employer has a matching fund for volunteer service, please sign up and you can turn your volunteer hours into dollars for the kitties.

We thank you, and so does Sebastian.

Sebastian and Triton – recovering well post-surgery (and rid of that awful cone!)

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