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Thank You! Thank You Very Much!

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Thank you very much!

Just four hundred years ago, some of the first settlers on this continent gave thanks for a bountiful harvest (and surviving the year!) due in part to the kindness of neighbors.  Over the following centuries, the holiday has become a time of reflection and giving thanks for those things and people who make us joyful, and sustain us.  FFGW is very thankful for our neighbors, our supporters, our volunteers and donors, who year after year have enabled us to continue our mission to save homeless cats from a dire fate.  Without all of you – we could not rescue cats like Elvis and help him find his hunka hunka burning love.  (If you’re that hunk for Elvis and his BFF Skippy, they were actually adopted during the very day this post was written, but they have plenty more friends looking for forever homes -  please download an application from our website!)There are some people that we specifically want to thank this year, but even if we don’t mention you specifically, please know that each and every one of you is greatly appreciated.  We know that you’re out there, printing and posting our flyers when we ask, suggesting FFGW when a friend is looking to adopt a cat, helping us spread the message of rescue, and of course, donating your hard-earned money when we are in need.  Thanks to all of you – from the bottom of our hearts. 

First, our thanks go to a special young woman who gives us faith in the future.  Becky contacted us this past summer looking for an animal-related project that she could do in conjunction with her Bat Mitzvah, a right of passage for Jewish women when they turn 13.  “Mitzvah” means good deed, and that’s exactly what Becky did – in addition to helping socialize kittens at a foster home, and helping at adoption events, she raised $1000 to help FFGW with vet bills for Skippy, who needed emergency surgery when FFGW rescued him. 


Becky’s incredibly generous donation was followed the next month by an anonymous donor who helped FFGW kitties awaiting adoption rest comfortably – on a whole bunch of donated cat beds!

And then, there was the yard sale, a “thinking-out-of-the-box” idea to raise some needed cash for the next unexpected veterinary emergency.  Volunteer Claire Todaro hatched the idea, and worked incredibly hard and tirelessly for weeks to collect items, sort and store them, run the sale and then sort and store what was left for future sales.  Claire was helped by our event organizer Susan Naugle, and a whole host of folks in the photo below, who gave much of their time and muscle power to collect donations and bring them to the sale, and then pack up afterward.


Claire working very hard                                The FFGW Crew


Look at all that stuff!



Our mascot Franz, working security               Lots of great cat merchandise at the sale!



Author Ingrid King, who graciously donated her time and proceeds from the sales of her books Purrs of Wisdom and Tortitude


Sebastian, the neighbors' cat, performing quality control on the catnip toys!

(Click the photo to see the video)

Due to the hard work of all the folks above – and all of you who supported us by donating items for sale, or buying items, the yard sale raised $1600 for FFGW!  Thank you – thank you very much!

We did not “rest on our laurels” (or for that matter, our cat beds), however, and the very next week after the yard sale, FFGW took on the task of running the admissions gate, stewarding judges’ tables, and running a booth at the Cat Fanciers of Washington show in Winchester, VA.  Once again, the dedicated FFGW crew collected and transported merchandise for sale, and staffed the booth as well as worked the show jobs.


Look at all the stuff!


And of course… foster kittens!


          (It's exhausting work being so cute!)                   Oh, for me it comes naturally!

Do you think we’ll find homes?

Thanks to the donations from the show organizers for the work FFGW volunteers did, and sales from the booth, the cat show added another $720 to FFGW’s coffers to defray veterinary costs.  And so again – thank you, thank you very much!

What do hungry volunteers do when they've just put in a huge amount of work at a yard sale and have to turn right around and staff a cat show booth?  Why, they have a pizza party!

Thanks go to Laurie Levine Shoemaker for organizing a pizza night at Ledo in Springfield, where a portion of the evening's sales were donated to FFGW, bringing in another $115!


As you can see, we have a lot to be thankful for.  But the work of rescue is costly, and despite this effort from our incredible volunteers and supporters, FFGW has vet bills many times higher than the several thousand dollars raised.  For example, because of our commitment to every cat we take in, we just spent over $2,000 on Phantom, and closer to $5,000 on Siam, two very ill strays that Feline Foundation committed to care for.

As a result, we have had to stop intakes until our finances improve.  Giving Tuesday is November 29, and our year-end letter will be mailed shortly, and we hope that you will help us return to our mission to save feline lives.  

NEWS FLASH!  Skippy and I were just adopted!  Thank you, thank you very much!

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