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Olympic Watching Cats

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Every cat needs to have a hobby when they're not sleeping, right? Well Piper's newfound hobby is watching the Rio Olympics. I don't mean watching from the couch with me. Piper sits in front of the television and has her face smack dab near the screen. She watches with vivacious curiosity and occasionally smacks Olympians.


Ooooh - don't poke Katie Ledecky!


Piper is a big fan of swimming and she enjoyed watching gold medalists Michael Phelps, Nathan Adrian, Anthony Ervin and Katie Ledecky.

Piper!  Michael Phelps is on!

Piper high-fived Usain Bolt after his gold medal run.

I can haz five?



She even whacked a few gymnasts - but not worry, they stuck their landings. 

You never know what hobby your cat is going to pick up. Piper even had an Italian Olympic swimmer comment on her Instagram (@sandpipercatblog).

Now can someone break it to Piper that the Olympics occur every two years? Will she even like the winter Olympics, or is she strictly a summer Olympic kind of girl. We will find out in 2018.

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