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Looking Back at 2016

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Looking Back

2016 has been quite a year for FFGW, a year full of successes, of happiness, of sadness, of surprises, hard work, and kittens, kittens, kittens!  What a year it’s been!

Nothing makes us happier when an adopter not only brings a cat home, but brings home a companion for that cat.  And even better, when an adopter can’t bear to break up a family and brings home three!

Things are going really well with the kittens. We call them Rocky, Cleo and Zane. They love to eat, play and cuddle. All the neighborhood girls love to come and play with them.

 They are so loving and good with people. I attribute this to their loving foster Mom:-)

 Thank you again for all your help in bringing these three beautiful kittens to our family.


Then again, maybe one thing that could make us even happier is when a shy cat, who has been with us for a long time, suddenly finds her absolutely right person and we all get to see it!

Sweet Cleo, with Chris almost a year, found her Forever Home today! They came to the house to meet her and hit it off instantly! 


Of course, we get pretty happy too when an adopter realizes that care for a “special needs” cat – like Joonie, who has easily controlled asthma – is not a problem and is very much worth it!


We worked very hard this year, holding kittens at adoption events…

hauling, organizing and selling at our yard sale…

(we didn’t buy it all ourselves, we left a few cat things for other folks to buy…)
and hauling, organizing, assisting, gatekeeping and selling at the cat show…

(Yes, there’s a whole lot of kitten holdin’ goin’ on...)


And inevitably, mixed with the hard work and the joy, is some sadness.  In rescue, it is simply not possible to save them all, and sometimes a cat is too ill, despite our best efforts. 

At FFGW we vow to love them and care for them as our own, and sadly, that means we sometimes must face the pain of losing one of our own. Jake was thrown away in a past life, quite literally - he was found in a dumpster.  Jake bonded with his foster mom immediately, and everyone who met him instantly fell in love. 


Jake suddenly, and without warning, suffered a urinary blockage.  Just on a fluke, his foster mom happened to come home early from work and found him.  He was rushed to the vet, but despite all your donations, despite all the doctors could do, despite the fast response of his loving foster mom, Jake went over the rainbow bridge last June.  When it was clear that nothing could be done, FFGW volunteers rushed to be with him, so that he would not be alone.  That is the kind of organization that your donations support, one who cares deeply about each and every cat rescued.  FFGW is, and has always been, an organization who suffers such a tragedy and honors those who could not be saved, by turning right around and rescuing more, so that there will be more happy stories like Cleo, Rocky and Zane – and stories like Thomasina’s, where FFGW volunteers worked together with animal control to rescue an entire family – because family means, no one left behind!

Click to read about Thomasina

  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts as we look forward in 2017 to continuing to make the world a better place, one cat at a time! 


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