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Less Adoptable - No, Less Adopted!

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Less Adoptable Adopted Pet Week

Last month was the official “Less Adoptable” pet week, an effort to shine the light on pets who have a harder time finding forever homes because of their age, disabilities or special needs, or simply the color of their coats (because yes… black cats DO have a harder time being adopted).  You can read a very good summary of the goals of the week here at, where the authors state “Cats that are deemed “less adoptable” by society are in reality loving, sweet, adorable cats that make wonderful pets.”  For that reason, at FFGW we prefer the term “less adopted” – for these cats are just as adoptable, just as loving, and just as deserving of homes as any cat. 

One of the ways Cattime suggests combating the impression of these cats as less adoptable is to share your story of experience with a so-called less adoptable cat.  We’d like to share with you the story of one such cat, and we welcome you to do the same – on your social media page, or in a reply to our newsletter, and we’ll share it in a future edition.


Kit was a cat that was unadoptable because of her temperament.  She was so hostile at events that the only way she could have attended would have been to be mildly tranquilized.  She swatted at anything that moved, but that was only when she wasn't growling or hissing - which was most of the time.


How could a cat like that ever find a home?  How??  By being with a foster who understood her stress, tension and triggers, and who worked with her to help her overcome her fears, to feel safe, and to blossom into the loving cat that hid underneath the bluster and bravado. 




Where is Kit today, 7 years after she was adopted?  In fact, she never left her foster.  After all, her foster decided that she was just too good to share...




so maybe she really was unadoptable after all ;)

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