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Little Hope was found wandering alone in a neighborhood by a concerned person who thought she had no eyes.  When we got her to a veterinary opthamologist, we learned that Hope has something called micro-opthamia -- literally, "tiny eyes". 

 Hope 1

This condition requires no special care.  (It is similar to having an extra toe or a nub for a tail!)  However, Hope is likely completely blind or, at most, can see large shapes.  The reason we couldn’t say for sure is that this girl is a super-cat!  Her senses of touch, smell and hearing are so phenomenal that you would forever debate whether she might, in fact, have some sight!

 Hope 2

Hope did not let her "tiny eyes" affect her in the least. Although she was a bit shy with newcomers, once she knew who you were (and where you were!) she let her true personality shine.  She is very affectionate and loves to cuddle and purr, but her absolute favorite past-time is to pick up toys in her mouth, jump in the bathtub with them, and proceed to have her very own soccer match in the tub.  It's brilliant, really -- she doesn't have to worry about the toy landing somewhere out of her hearing where she might "lose" it and not be able to continue playing!


Hope 6 



The vet who performed her spay fell in love with her and asked if she could take her home to foster. In her foster home, Hope lived with cats and dogs.  She played constantly with her foster kitty siblings, wrestling, playing chase, and of course, playing soccer.  She would race up and down stairs and climb up on furniture -- in short, if you did not look at her face you would never know she is likely blind.

 Hope 3

Although the vet loved Hope, she could not add another cat to her household.  But the vet was not the only one that Hope could charm into loving her.  The vet's dear friends fell in love with Hope when they met her and adopted her.  Her forever home is with a young couple who have 3 other cats with whom Hope has completely integrated.  They adore her.  They bought her a soft, fuzzy blanket and they swaddle her in it and she sleeps while they hold her. 

Hope 5

It turns out, love is something you see with your heart, not your eyes!

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