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Gas Leak!

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Eight fire trucks and various rescues arrived, FFGW was called to evacuate our cats, but by the time our Leesburg staff arrived, our caretakers Robyn and Lauren came racing out with the cats safely secured in their carriers! These wonderful young women didn’t want to leave the parking lot until they knew the cats were all safe and had places to go! We convinced them to go enjoy the day and not worry about the center or the cats.

FFGW is very lucky to have a great group of young people that take responsibility and follow it through!

And how is this related to Facebook and Twitter?  Of course, we had to cancel the Sunday adoption event as the fire department, store management and the gas company worked to make sure the store was safe.  Since this newsletter is published only once a month, the only way we have to communicate with our supporters in real time is our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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