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Cleo, Rocky and Zane!

Posted by Harry Shubin on

It's easy to get a kitten adopted.  Everyone loves a cute, cuddly kitten.  And so when Cleo, Rocky and Zane were rescued from a shelter, FFGW knew they wouldn't be around long.  


Cleo Rocky Zane 2


But we were sad... for Cleo, Rocky and Zane were very bonded to each other - they played all the time, groomed each other constantly, ate from the same bowl (even when there were others available!) and slept in a classic kitten pile.  Sometimes, someone will realize that with young kittens, it's best to adopt them in pairs, so that they have a playmate of comparable activity level.  That way, the kitten's fierce - and sometimes destructive - play has a good outlet, and through roughhousing with another kitten, they learn not to bite and claw quite so hard!  We know it was possible, even likely, that two of the kittens would be adopted together, but we were sad to think that the third of the trio would miss out on that love, and probably have to be adopted as a single, for this time of year there are not an overwhelming number of kittens.  After all, who would want three kittens?

It must truly be the season of love, for Cleo, Rocky and Zane found a family with enough love for all three, and the kitten family will grow old together with their human family's daughter!  Now THAT is a love story! 


Cleo Rocky Zane 1Cleo Rocky Zane 3

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