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Can you have a Fiesta... in Winter?

Posted by Harry Shubin on

It sure felt like winter - or maybe monsoon season somewhere the temperature doesn't get far above freezing - when our dedicated volunteers assembled early in the morning  (hot coffee in hand) to set up the FFGW booth at the Reston Pet Fiesta, the first weekend in May.  Thanks to wonderful donors, we had great merchandise to sell, biscuits to hand out to the pooches passing by, and fantastic raffle prizes.  With the crowds down due to the wind and rain, FFGW made about $400, less than we'd hoped for to meet our veterinary bills, but still not bad for a May day that felt more like February!

Starting to set up the booth - not raining yet!


We have lots of stuff!   


Grumpy Cat toys and fun animal hats!

Raffle Baskets!

Our Donation Jar, decked out in FFGW finery

and of course... our mascot Gracie!

(Click on this link to see Gracie in action!)

Due to the weather, and the number of dogs at the Fiesta, we did not bring any live cats.  Gracie is animatronic - she got her name because that's what it said on the donated carrier she travels in... and Gracie travels in a carrier because once the manager of PetSmart saw her in a plastic bag and was afraid she was a real cat being transported that way!  One of our favorite moments at the Fiesta was when someone asked to know about Gracie, and we replied that she takes 3 C-Cells, but they last a long time...  based on her surprise, apparently Gracie really can fool people.


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