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Calliope 1

Calliope was abandoned at a military base when her family moved on. A very nice man who works at the base took her in and was keeping her in his warehouse office while he tried to find a home for her.  Calliope was very lucky that she found someone to care for her - someone who loved her, even though he couldn't keep her.

Calliope had no microchip, he was not successful finding her a home and he was told by his boss that he needed to move her out  - so he called FFGW.

Calliope 2

She was very skinny when he found her and over the three weeks he had her, he had managed to fatten her up a bit. When we got her she was still thin and very matted and we didn't want to shave her because it was winter and also she was so beautiful... that we fell in love with her too.  Our foster spent a lot of time brushing, picking, and cutting out mats. You can see she ended up looking beautiful!  But - would Calliope find permanent love?  The weeks went by, and then...


Calliope 3

Calliope found forever love and a place to call home!


Calliope 4

These people shall be my servants and love me, and I shall love them in return!

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