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A Virtual Tour of FFGW Adoption Events

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Virtually Adopted!

Come join us on a virtual tour of our adoption events, and then find out what you can do to join the fun!

FFGW has approximately five adoption events each month, every Sunday from noon to 3 p.m. at the Leesburg Petsmart, and the third Sunday of the month at the Just Cats Clinic on Lake Anne in Reston.  (“Approximately because some months, there are five Sundays and so an extra event in Leesburg.)

Let’s take a look at the event at Just Cats!



At Just Cats, set up begins about 30 minutes before the official start of the event, with the tables, crates and other supplies being brought up from the storage room.  About 15 minutes before event time, fosters start arriving with their cats, and the space is already set up for them.  All cats at the Just Cats event come from foster homes.


Buddy’s card tells the story of an affable cat who just walked into his family’s home a few years ago, but after a move from Arizona where he could roam free to a condo in Reston where he’s restricted to walking on a leash (and he does that, with no problem!) Buddy is unhappy with his living arrangement and looking for a new home with more space. 


Buddy got a little agitated…

                But no worries, a foster sang to him and he relaxed!



He’s so much calmer now!

That’s our President, Laura Goodman!  Buddy says he’ll be one of her super delegates…

                 This is Flash… his daddy is moving and couldn’t take him along…


That sad look must have worked for him, because Flash found a new home!

Oh, that foster singing to Buddy – she wasn’t even his foster, she brought Jenny!

Sweet Jenny was found hiding under a porch, and she must have been someone’s cat as she had a collar.  She’s really a doll, and her foster has an amazing voice!  We think she should sing for potential adopters!


Look!  It's a pirate cat!  Avast, ye mateys!


Coquina says shiver me timbers and adopt me!  (She has pretty good taste in jewelry, doesn't she?) 


Let’s pack our bag and head over to Leesburg to see what’s up there!

At the Leesburg PetSmart, FFGW has the in-store adoption center, where cats can stay a short time so that they have greater visibility and an increased chance of meeting that purrfect person.


The kittens love the jungle-gym accomodations! (Not to mention the friendly attention from potential adopters!)  The FFGW Leesburg crew comes in three times a day to care for the kitties (and play with them, of course!)

The white board keeps the volunteers organized as they track the day’s tasks for their guests!




There really is no place like home, and to help make that happen, an FFGW adoption counselor will hightail it over to PetSmart 7-days a week to meet potential adopters and introduce them to the kitties in residence. 

LOOK!  Someone’s filling out an application!  Do you think that a kitty might be going home?

Me!  Pick ME!  I’m super cute!!


NOooo!  Pick ME!


What?  Are you SERIOUS?


There’s nothing like the smiles on the face of an adopter – and on the face of a cat! – when they go home.  It’s your support of FFGW that makes that smile possible, and we thank you SO much.  It’s such a good feeling that we know a lot of our supporters would like more than a virtual presence at adoption events, but space for non-cat bodies at Just Cats and the Leesburg Petsmart is very, very small.

Two adopters and two kittens fills the center at Leesburg!

But… there IS a way you can have more than a cyber presence at events.  If you’ve got a strong back, you can help with set up and clean up at Just Cats – we would love to have a regular crew who helps us get set up for and cleaned up from the events.  It’s a good way to get an hour of community service for young folks in school who need to satisfy a requirement (email if you are interested).  But the set up and clean up crew, once they’ve said hello to the cats, doesn’t have room to stay.  You know who does get to stay?  And play with the cats?  And see the smiles of adopters??  FOSTERS, that’s who!  When you foster cats or kittens, not only are you instrumental in saving lives, but you have a (much appreciated!) ticket for entry to the adoption events – because a foster knows the cat’s personality best, and is a huge help in interfacing with potential adopters as FFGW’s adoption counselors seek the best match of cat and cat person.  So yes – this tour is a shameless plug for fosters.  It’s still kitten season and will be until at least October.  Or if kittens aren’t your speed, every week FFGW receives requests from shelters to take cats who are at risk, cats like Lady Bug:

Lady Bug - Young adult female DMH torbie.  Lady Bug is such a sweetheart - snuggling with anyone who will hold her! (as pictured)  She also has a goofy personality - doing somersaults in her cage occasionally.  This lovely girl will make an awesome best friend for someone!

Fortunately, we did have a foster and Lady Bug left the shelter last week and joined FFGW.

In addition to fosters who keep a cat until adopted (don’t worry – adoptions go fast at Leesburg, averaging 30 a month!), FFGW needs fosters for a week, or even a couple of days at a time.  If you can help – and want that ticket to join the fun and see the smiles at events, email

I can haz a home?


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