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A Few Last Words About Love

Posted by Harry Shubin on

What’s the most commodity in rescue?  It’s not money, though that’s important.  Money might be the tool that makes rescue happen, but LOVE – love is the fuel that keeps rescuers going.  If our fosters didn’t love cats enough to foster, then love them enough to let go, if our adopters weren’t the kind of folks who would love a sightless cat like Hope (click on the link to see Hope's rerun), there would be no rescue.  If our adopters didn’t love a cat like Dipsy (click on the link to see Dipsy's rerun) enough to be shattered and grieve him when he was gone – and, we hope, to love again someday – there would be no rescue.  If our volunteers didn’t love cats enough to give their time week after week, with nothing in return other than the smiles of adopters and the purrs of cats going home, we would have no ability to rescue.  If our supporters didn’t love our mission and love cats enough to donate their money to keep us going, there would be no FFGW. 

So yes – love is what makes rescue happen.  That the cats are grateful for your love goes without saying.  That FFGW is grateful for your love of cats, and of our mission – we assure you, beyond measure.

We were beyond pleased beyond measure when their adopter loved Cleo, Rocky and Zane (click on the link to see their story) enough to bring the whole family home.  On a personal note, my heart was especially warmed, as over an 18 month period from 2014 through 2015, I adopted – one by one – a litter of three black cats that no one seemed to want.  Three more cats – when I already had too many – seemed like an exceptionally bad idea.  But when I saw the love that these brothers and sister had for each other – how they recognized each other after being separated for all that time – I knew we had done the right thing. 

Love.  It’s what makes the rescue world go ‘round.

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