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A Christmas Story

Posted by Harry Shubin on

T’was the night after the adoption event,

And all through the store,

Not a creature was stirring, not even a stray cricket on the floor

The Center Coordinator was all snug in her bed

Thinking of ways to move adoptions ahead


The cage cards were hung on the enclosures with care,

Each telling the story of the cats who were there

Poor Fluffy, poor Mittens, Whiskers and Sprite

Lonely and alone on this cold Post-Adoption night


Each was nestled in a donated cat bed, and thought twice,

I wasn’t naughty, I really was nice

Why was I left in a shelter,

Almost about to pay the price


When out in the store, there arose such a clatter,

All the kitties stood, stretched, took a lap of water, nibbled some food, groomed themselves for a moment,

And looked to see what was the matter


When what to their wondering eyes should appear,

But an old, tired-looking volunteer

She was clothed in FFGW purple, from her head to her toe

Her T-shirt full of claw holes, her hair the color of snow


There was fur on her clothing,

A cat toy behind her ear

She had catnip in her pockets

On her sleeve, an unidentified smear


“Look at you kitties, stuck here for the night!

This will not do, this is not right!

Come Scruffy, Come Midnight, come with me all,

I’m taking you home, we’ll have a ball!”


“We’ll play with felt mousies,

We’ll eat lots of treats,

I’ll brush you and comb you,

And nibble on your cute little feets!”


She gathered some carriers, and began to pack them all

When a little grey kitten, who was rounder than tall,

Asked her a question, with a mew quite small


“Are you our adopter, are you taking us home?

Will you love us forever, and ever, when we’re combed?”

The volunteer sat down, in her eyes there was sadness,

But then, in a twinkle, the kittens saw gladness!


“No!  I’m just your foster, though I’m taking you home,

It’s only for the holidays, where you will roam,

Free of these cages, it will be fun

And after the holiday, when we’re all done


Back to the store, we will be on our way,

But this time, with you I will stay

I’ll tell the adopters that once in their home

You’ll be fabulous cats, when you’re all grown


For you’re with FFGW now, you’ll always be safe

You’ll find love, You’ll have a great place

You’ll always be cared for, even if things go wrong,

But they won’t, because our counselors are strong


They're skilled in interviewing,

They know what to do

To find perfect forever homes,

For each one of you”


So with her they went

Out to her car

Though it was cold,

It didn’t seem far


And then each one found a home

That was good and was right

And as they left the store, one and all

They thought they heard the volunteer call


“Merry Catmas to all, and to all a good life!”


You too can play Santa Claws to homeless cats this holiday!  If you have room in your heart and home for a kitty or two to escape their cages while PetSmart is closed over Christmas Day, or if you can provide short-term foster space for cats going into the center, respond to the newsletter email and you’ll be an important part of the road to forever homes!

The original T'was the Night Before Christmas is believed to be written by Clement Clarke Moore in 1823.  This adaptation may have been written by the Ghost of Catmas Past.




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