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FFGW Cats are Thankful at Thanksgiving

Posted by Harry Shubin on

 Little Dan is extremely thankful for a home this season.  LIttle Dan's adoption story is amazing. From the moment of his rescue, the gentle brown tabby boy hid in a cubby, too nervous to eat without coaxing and hand feeding, unable to venture out to explore or play.

An applicant, Rebecca, was looking for an adult cat and was attracted by his photo and wanted to meet him. We warned her that he probably would stay in his cage the whole time and wouldn’t come out to visit her . She still wanted to meet him. She drove all the way from DC to our adoption center in the Leesburg PetSmart. 

Guess what happened? Little Dan came right out of his cage…

...and climbed onto Rebecca’s lap.

He purred. He cuddled. He rolled. He was adopted!


 Also very thankful this year are Chynna and Skye.  During the Baltimore riots, Chynna ended up at the shelter with a badly broken leg.

We rushed to the city for the pretty little girl in a big blue splint. After surgery on her leg, Chynna met new kitty mom Skye in her foster home, and helped Skye take care of her huge litter of kittens.  Chynna’s foster affectionately started calling her “Aunt” Chynna as she mothered the kittens.


One by one, the kittens were adopted, and Chynna grew sad… when would she find her forever home? 

 Chynna Saying Goodbye to the Last Kitten

It’s tough to get an adult cat adopted during kitten season, much less two together, but Chynna’s foster hoped against hope that Chynna and Skye would find a home together… and they did!

Other cats with FFGW are thankful that they’re rescued… and hoping that they’ll be even more thankful by finding forever homes this season.

Dipsy is one cat still waiting for a home. Our special boy was an owner-surrender to a city shelter, and kept out of the euthanasia room by his sheer sweetness: he loves to be kissed and purrs on sight. Dipsy was the subject of multiple appeals to rescue groups to no avail. On his absolute last possible day, we couldn’t say no! Dipsy loves anything that brings him in close contact with people. He loves to be held, kneads and purrs on sight, and thinks heaven is sitting on the back of the couch or your lap and watching a movie. He’s a talker, adores cardboard scratching boxes (for sitting and scratching), and still has enough kitten in him to bat at string toys. Dipsy is not only special, but a special needs kitty. He has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and has some typical age-related early kidney issues. Because thyroid disease can affect the heart, we took Dipsy to a cardiologist, who diagnosted him “the sweetest little man ever.”  The cardiologist said that Dipsy is “at very low risk for of heart disease.” Dipsy takes a couple of medications without any complaint, and he doesn’t let any of this get in his way - he hopes that someone will agree and he’ll be home for the holidays.





Janie and Beau are a star-crossed pair of lovers who are totally devoted to each other.  They raised a litter of kittens together – all now adopted – and wait for that special home where they can write the rest of their story together.  It worked for Chynna and Skye, right?


And finally, our bedtime story concludes with Winkin, Blinkin, Nod and Clarabelle.  These four babies set sail in a wooden shoe…   well, actually, they were born in a boat and brought to Petco in a paper sack when they were just 3 days old, their umbilical cords still attached.   Fortunately, a FFGW volunteer who had considerable experience with bottle babies was there at that exact moment… what are the odds?  They’re VERY thankful that FFGW knew what to do – and they’ll be looking for forever homes next month.

 FFGW cats are thankful - and we're thankful for you, volunteers, fosters, adopters and donors, for it is you that give us the ability to rescue these cats and kittens.

If you can help a cat or two be thankful, but you can't commit to fostering until a cat is adopted, you can still make a huge difference - FFGW needs folks who can foster for just a night or two, and folks who can help drive a cat from here to there.  Click the links below for more info.



Good Night! 

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