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Thanksgiving Dinner - For Your Cat!

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Thanksgiving Dining... for your Feline


 Plate of Tuna



Martha Stewart tells me (well, ok, along with 1.2 million other people reading her blog) that we should think beyond traditional Thanksgiving turkey this year, and perhaps serve fish.  Pet food companies are thinking beyond that traditional lump of unidentifiable cat food as well - the attractive plate of yellow fin tuna above, in fact, is not for humans, but is cat food. 



Cats, of course, can't drop into PetSmart and pick up a few meals, and so pet food companies market to the folks who make the purchasing decisions.  And what would you rather buy, Liver and Gizzards in Gravy, or "Chicken Tuscany with Rice and Garden Herbs"?  Cape May Star and Wave reporter Christopher South faced that decision while purchasing for his cat, and in his column Points South, debated just what sort of garden herbs cats prefer - "Catnip perhaps"?  South wondered, "Aren't we advised not to give table food to our pets?  Then the cat food people come along and offer canned versions of people food."  He continued, "I'm waiting for them to come out with Fancy Feast Big Mac Entrée or the Whisker Lickins Cheese Steak Entrée or even the Nine Lives Soft Pretzel Snacks."  Had Mr. South been present the last time I bought cat food, perhaps he would have wondered, as did I, whether there might be some benefit from consuming a food that promises healthful life with cranberries and cheese...



or better yet, hair regrowth...



I know that I could certainly use a luxurious wavy coat of hair...

So, admit it - you're thinking about something special to serve Fluffy forThanksgiving, aren't you? 

 Sammy at the Table

                     I can haz Turkey??

(Photo of Sammy with permission from Julia Pierce)


Speaking of turkey, do you know whether it's all right to feed a cat turkey on Thanksgiving, or any other time?  A little bit of turkey is ok (though it may spark bad behavior!) but that gravy definitely is not!

For a discussion of what you can safely feed your cat (or that feline guest :) here's a link to people foods that are not safe for cats:


Time to go - I understand the store just got in a shipment of Purina Green Bean Casserole...

 (Quotations from Points South used by gracious permission of the Cape May Star and Wave.)


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