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Meowloween Safety

Posted by Harry Shubin on

The following article on Halloween safety is being written by Cat Blogger Rachel Shubin. 

Your newsletter editor is in hiding... for fear someone remembers his costume from last year...



Meowloween Safety 

With Halloween just weeks away, it is important to remember that more pets are lost on Halloween night and July 4th than any other day of the year.  On these days, which are noisy and can be very frightening to pets, a disoriented cat or dog may scurry out the front door while you are handing out candy to cute little ghosts, goblins, witches... and the occasional cat.  Not only is the door a hazard, but off limits food such as candy abounds, not to mention all those fun discarded candy wrappers that crinkle just great and are a lot of fun for little paws.

At Newsletter Editor Headquarters, even on a normal day we take very seriously the adoption contract requirement that cats be kept indoors. We rarely ever use the front door because we are worried about the cats getting outside. We get into the house by going through the garage and from there access the laundry room. We call this the "air lock" because we wait for the garage door to go down before we open the laundry room door. Even though the laundry room door has a lock, one of our previous cats used to be able to open it and now one of our current kitties has figured out how.  On Halloween, however, it's best to take extra steps to ensure kitty stays in, and that the constant knocking on the door and noise from revelers doesn't stress her out.  Consider keeping Fluffy in a room, far away from the noise, with some soothing music, and perhaps a spray of Feliway, Rescue Remedy or Spirit Essence “Safe Space.”  Keeping your cats in a safe room will not only avoid one getting outside, but will also keep them away from tempting treats like chocolate which can make them seriously ill, or those fun, crinkly candy wrappers which can do the same.  

Of course make sure every one knows not to open the door:



Make sure that your pets are safe on Halloween night, it will give you piece of mind every time you open the front door to "Trick or Treat!"


-Rachel Shubin

Cat Volunteer


Mom says we have to stay inside... I wanted to go Trick or Mouse!


I'll be robbing kibbles from the rich, and giving them to the poor!

Mittens never lived down the year he skipped his usual tuxedo for a witch's costume and everyone told him he wasn't a "real" black cat...


What a miserable neighborhood.  All they give out is candy - I didn't get a single mouse in my bag!


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