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If It's Black Cats... It Must Be Meowloween!

Posted by Harry Shubin on

By day, I am Niles, FFGW Adoptee, billionaire purrlanthropist. At night, criminals, a cowardly and superstitious lot of mice and bugs, call me...




It was a not too-distant fall when our Caped Crusader Catman was in the temporary Cat Cave at an adoption event, awaiting the Cat Coordinates for his forever home.  Now, he's here to bust the myths about black cats!  Then, as now, many of the cats currently in the care of FFGW - are black.  Black cats, right before Halloween?  Yes, FFGW does not suspend black cat adoptions for the month before Halloween.  On the one paw, our adoption counselors are attuned to any vibrations of someone adopting for less than honorable purposes.  On the other paw, we may tell an adopter that they can adopt, and pick up the cat after Halloween. On the third paw, our adoption fee makes it less likely that someone dishonorable would spend the money to adopt.  And, on the fourth paw - the real truth is that black cats are no more likely to be hurt at Halloween, than any other time of year.  Various studies have shown that any  cat that is outdoors is at risk at Halloween, and one of the many reasons that FFGW’s  adoption contract requires that cats be kept indoors (the greatest risk is the adopter's neighbor's children - not the adopter). 

 Huffpost: Black Cats & Halloween

Best Friends Animal Society agrees:

Indeed, the ASPCA says the greatest risk to black cats around Halloween is perishing in shelters.

In fact, it’s a commonly held belief that black cats have a harder time than other coat colors with respect to being adopted  - all year long.  Perhaps it’s because they’re more difficult to photograph, or because their facial features seem to be invisible, except for those eyes.  Or, maybe it’s their association with scary things of the season.  How did black cats get such a bad reputation, that association with witches and goblins and all things scary?  It doesn’t have to be that way!  In England and Japan, having a black cat cross your path is considered to be – GOOD luck!  And in parts of France, black cats are referred to as "matagots" or "magician cats." According to local superstition, they bring good luck to owners who feed them well and treat them with the respect they deserve.  Now that’s a superstition we need to encourage!  So please help spread the word – black cats actually bring good luck, and FFGW has lots of sleek, purring, good luck ready for a forever home.


   I won't stop until I have rescued the City! (And, um, been rescued myself)



 Could that be Catman & his Side Kick - going home to save the world!

Please help spread the word – don’t overlook a friendly black cat looking for a home where he can save the world!  Cats like Catman-in-training  Barnabas Jr. – hanging out in the cat cave…


or Sweet Clover, who loves other cats, kids and dogs…


Or loving siblings Esme & Emmitt


Jump in the Catmobile and come to an adoption event.  If you give a Dark Knight a home for fall, you won’t be sorry!


Soon, my Ninjas... it will be dark and we will go forth into the night, spreading the word about the greatness of black cats...  

As Halloween approaches, remember to keep all your Catmen (and Catwomen) safe – see the article elsewhere in this newsletter. 



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