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Paws to Honor Working Cats on Labor Day

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Whoever said cats lie around all day sleeping never met the many working cats who earn their living every day. Here are a few of our favorites!

Diode, in Art’s Antique Alley in Bridgeville Delaware

 Diode hard at work seeing if he can charge a shipment of tuna. 

Diode, who said he was “hired on the spot” when he wandered into the store 18 years ago, lists his job description as “sleep under warm light, sleep curled up in basket near cash register, eat delicious treats, snuggle up to customers and give them kisses and hugs (really)! And, keep snakes away and catch that occasional mouse!”


Great marketing of the Diode Plushy, Diode!

(Photo Courtesy of Rachel Shubin)



Furrydance Kely Bray


May I help you?

Fifteen year old Kely (“Kelly with one L”) is the Public Relations Ambassicat at our friends the Just Cats Clinic in Reston, where FFGW has our monthly adoption events. Kely, whose person Teri works at the clinic, works her magic in her official position as greeter, charmer, clothes model, and keeping the employees in line!


Ah… my adoring fans!


Kely has her own blog: and being a cat of the 21st century, her own Instagram page:


The Ambassicat to Montenegro

Speaking of ambassicats, also very hardworking is Buddy, an American ex-pat cat who supervises Ambassador to Montenegro, Margaret Uyehara. Buddy works hard to show the citizens of Montenegro that Ambassador Uyehara is just a kind, caring person who takes good care of her cat. Of course, he also charms visitors to the Ambassador’s residence at official state functions. Buddy’s biggest job, and contribution to the well-being of the people of Montenegro, however, came when a local cat had her kitten in the Ambassador’s garage, and then sadly passed away.


Buddy has taken little Njegos (named after a famous Montenegrin Prince from the early 19th century) under his wing (paw?) and is making sure he learns the ins and outs of diplomacy. We heard that little Njegos may become Montenegro’s Official Ambassicat to the U.S. when Ambassador Uyehara returns from her post.

So, Uncle Buddy, can I come home with you? I have a Passpurr…


And of course… no salute to working cats would be complete without FFGW’s own working cats – the many kitties who put on their best adoption face and bravely show up to each adoption event hoping to find a forever home. Cats like Chynna:


During the Baltimore riots, Chynna ended up at the shelter with a badly broken leg. We rushed to the city for the pretty little girl in a big blue splint. After surgery on her leg, Chynna lovingly helped new kitty mom Sky take care of her huge litter of kittens, and is affectionately referred to as “Aunt” Chynna by her foster! Chynna’s laboring hard to find someone who will appreciate this sweet cat and give her the forever home she’s earned.

Chynna Saying Goodbye

Beautiful Chynna was heartbroken when two more of Sky's orange boys left last week. She loves Sky and the babies so much... she'd love to be adopted with a baby or with her best friend Sky. See her story at

See Sky here:

To all of the working cats out there – we recognize and appreciate your labor!


Shipment all checked in, boss!  (What's everyone else going to eat?)

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