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Photos and Text by Julie Shubin

Fireball, what kind of name is that for a sweet little mama cat who isn’t much bigger than her two adorable kittens? Fireball brings to mind those big red spicey jaw breaker candies or the latest action movie. Or maybe that catchy song from Pitbull or that popular new whisky, but not a sweet little mama cat.

Fireball the cat has earned her memorable name. Her human’s house caught on fire and although the family members were able to rescue the kittens, they could not get to Fireball and another family cat. Fortunately, brave firefighters rescued both Fireball and the other cat. Unfortunately, her now homeless humans couldn’t keep her and her kittens.

Fireball's Kitten Ember, chilling


Fireball’s paw and tail were burned in the fire. When FFGW took Fireball and her kittens from the shelter, despite her burns and not having seen her kittens for 10 days, she jumped right back into her role of mama cat.


When I first met, Fireball, a family looking at her cage card said – oh, I don’t want to read a sad story. Fireball’s story is anything but sad, though – Fireball is on her way to her next happy ending. She was rescued from a fire, reunited with her kittens, and taken into the FFGW family. Now, she and her kittens just need to find their forever home.

We often wonder how certain cats end up in a shelter, and usually we just don’t know. For Fireball, her daughter, Ember, and her son, Blaze, we have their amazing story. Won’t their forever family have a great tale to tell!

Fireball and Blaze

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