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Help! Transport

Posted by Harry Shubin on


Photo of Piper used with permission of Sandpiper Cat Blog


Cats Can’t Drive!

So we need you to!

FFGW rescues cats from shelters where the adoption rates are low, and gives them a second chance to find a forever home. For cats in some of the shelters we work with, we are the only chance at a forever home. While it’s a good thing that cats can’t drive – can you imagine them weaving in and out of congested DC traffic, yelling at other drivers, blowing their horns and shaking their paws…   if their paws could reach the pedals – it means that in order to rescue them, we have to get them where they’re going. Sometimes that means picking them up at the shelter, and bringing them to our vet or to a foster’s home, and sometimes a lift is all that stands between rescue... and an uncertain fate.   

FFGW needs folks whose paws do reach the pedals to help get cats where they’re going. If you can spare a few hours on an occasional basis to help rescue at risk cats, please email  


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