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Mr. Cat Mom

Posted by Harry Shubin on

FFGW sincerely thanks all the dads who help in our mission to make the world a better place, one cat at a time… and, this time of the year, one litter of kittens at a time! Not all the FFGW dads celebrating Father’s Day this month are of the two-legged variety… FFGW foster kittens get some fatherly advice and guidance from some grown up cats… and even some interspecies help!  

Fostering cats, can’t be bad, 

Give ‘em a hug and a kiss and they’ll be glad

Do the work, it’s an easy job,

Going from being a dog to Mr. Cat Mom!

Petey might have gotten more than he “barkend” for, when he started caring for FFGW foster kittens! Claudia Oliver’s dedicated 7- month old chiweenie Petey absolutely loves to clean and play with all the kittens. Petey is a gentle soul playing dad to the babies, letting them climb and jump on him and bite his ears!

Cat toys melt in a Maytag dryer
kibbles go up one drawer higher
Rewind Video Catnip for the fifteenth time
Breakfast six, eight, and nine
There's cat yak in the kittens’ hair
9-Lives Super Supper in my lazy chair
Been crazy all day long and it's only Monday
Mr. Cat Mom!

(Apologies to Lone Star, “Mr. Mom”)

                              Petey’s exhausted!

 Another fabulous Father’s Day dad is Lisa Cason’s black cat Buddy… and his brofur Nick! But that story starts with fosters Nico and Baxter.

 Buddy, Nico & Baxter

Baxter was born in Lisa’s house, the only survivor of a litter of 5. Lisa had to bottle feed him from the time he was 4 days old. As soon as Baxter got to the point he could play and climb, Buddy took him under his wing (paw?) along with Nico, another foster kitten. Buddy would call his babies with a little trill, and the kids would come running to see what Dad wanted! When Nico and Baxter were adopted (together!) Buddy became depressed without babies to teach the ways of the world (house?). When Lisa got Nick, though an adult, he was scared, sick, and an orphan – and that’s where Buddy’s talents really shine. Buddy bonded with Nick, and Lisa adopted him so that Buddy wouldn’t lose another of his charges. Buddy has taught Nick how to be a dad, too – and Uncle Nick does a great job!

So then what, Uncle Nick? What happened to Tabbylocks and the Three Kittens after that?

They took a nap!

FFGW thanks all of our fathers – two and four footed – we appreciate all that you do!

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