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Dad! Hey, Dad! Dad! Dad! Hey Dad!

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Life looks pretty bleak, when you’re an orphan kitten at the shelter, especially if you’re a too-young-to-be-without-parental-supervision orphan kitten…  much less an underage kitten with maggot-infested wounds.  But fortunately for Jelly Bean (now Mona Lisa) Lisa Ng’s  cat Piccolo was ready to play the role of foster dad, teaching little Bean the proper way to grow up (and always wash behind your ears, yes, like that).

Piccolo puts to rest the rumor that dads don’t change diapers either…  Here’s Piccolo more-or-less doing that with Molly, a kitten abandoned at 2-days old and bottle fed by Lisa.  Mom cats know that little ones have to be cleaned after they eat to stay healthy, and foster dad Piccolo definitely got the memo. 

FFGW Dads – 2 and 4 footed – we salute you on Father’s Day and truly appreciate all your efforts.

Saving the world – one cat at a time!

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