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Foster kitten is a foster Mom, too!

Posted by Lynn O'Connell on

Meet Sky. This beautiful 10-month old baby just lost her home when her elderly owner had to enter a nursing home. 

Before she lost her home, Sky was out and about and found herself pregnant. She's a tiny girl, so carrying babies put a strain on her tiny frame. When she arrived at the shelter she was very very thin. 


Of course, she arrived with NINE kittens. Her own litter was only 4 babies, but the family explained that Sky adopted a litter a week before her own babies were born. Apparently an outdoor cat abandoned the kittens and she decided to foster them. 

The shelter thought that one litter was one week old and the other was two weeks old. By size, that made perfect sense. All the kittens were tiny - so tiny, that it was hard to tell which four babies were her own by size. (Although her pale orange coloring was a tip off as 4 of the babies look just like Mom!) 

Sky was very nervous when she arrived at her foster home and very protective of all nine babies. She wouldn't eat and stayed on top of all the babies. 



By Day 2, she was more trusting, started to eat and let foster Mom get closer. It was immediately clear that these babies were older than they looked. All nine had their eyes open and all were doing the wobbly walk -- not the scoot that tiny babies start with. Yet, they were so small.  And, once she could pick Sky up, she realized that the little girl simply didn't have enough milk. 


The solution was bottle feeding the babies to supplement Mom's limited milk supply. Hopefully, once she has a few days of help and lots of food, she'll produce enough milk for all nine babies -- her four and her five foster babies.  She has eight orange tabbies and ONE brown/black baby. 











After their first bottles, the babies responded by going on safari! Instead of falling asleep like little ones with full bellies usually do, they bolted out of their nesting box. 









With babies on the loose, it is increasingly obvious these tiny babies are closer to three weeks old -- which will be a big help for both kitty and human foster Moms, as they'll be able to start adding more substantial food sooner. In the meantime, a bigger box with high sides is already in place, and a kitten pen is on the way. 







Sky and her babies have only been in foster care for a little over 48 hours! Watch for more updates about heroic Sky and her litter of explorers!














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