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FFGW: New at PetSmart in Leesburg, Virginia

Posted by Lynn O'Connell on

Toby at PetSmartThink of it as - Camp Petsmart!   FFGW is honored and excited to have been selected to partner with Petsmart in Leesburg, and be able to have our cats seen in the adoption center located inside the store.  Like sleep away camp for kitties, our cats can take a short vacation in the adoption center, where our own volunteers tend to them three times a day and they can interact with Petsmart's customers who may be interested in adoption (our own rigorous screening process still applies).  There's also Day Camp for kitties, as FFGW now has adoption events at the Leesburg Petsmart every Sunday from 1 - 4 p.m., and fosters are welcome to bring their cats to the events. 









For directions and details, visit our Leesburg Adoption Center page or contact Brittany Scothorn at for more details.

FFGW will continue to have monthly adoption fairs at Just Cats Clinic in Reston. We'll continue to adopt kittens and cats from our foster homes. The PetSmart Adoption Center is an exciting expansion to our adoption program, allowing us to rescue more cats and kittens STARTING NOW.  

Check out our new digs: 

Eight cats - or more if siblings double up - can visit during the Sunday fair. During the week, we remove walls between cages to give a few kitties more spacious accommodations. 

We've outfitted the play center with cat trees and cat condos to give kitties plenty of room to stretch and play. 

Ever wondered what's behind the cages at PetSmart? This shot shows you just a fraction of the space we have. Our volunteers go in three times a day to check on our kitties, play with them individually, and refresh their food and water. Kitties get LOTS of attention and snuggles during their stay at Camp PetSmart. 

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