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Celebrate feline mothers on Mother's Day

Posted by Lynn O'Connell on

It's probably not coincidence that Mother's Day coincides with the height of spring, when new life is everywhere - flowers in bloom, birds nesting, and kittens being born.   The rumor that cats make lousy mothers still circulates, but over the past years FFGW has its share of dedicated feline mothers, proving that rumor false as they demonstrate a love for not only their own babies, but also for other young lives in need. 

Bella & Stella reunited

Two amazing moms in FFGW's care were Stella and Bella.  Both pregnant, the girls were turned into a city shelter by the same person at the height of kitten season. Separated at the shelter, they had 6 kittens between them within 4 days of each other.  We didn't know if they got along, or even if they knew each other, but with few options and desperate to save their families, we placed them in the same foster home.  Not only did they get along, but they loved each other deeply and devotedly. Stella wedged herself into Bella's carrier to be with her sister, who she hadn't seen in two weeks! The girls kneaded against each other and washed each other's faces. And then Stella examined Bella's 1-day old kittens carefully and bathed them thoroughly from nose to tail, while exhausted Bella rested and purred! 

Not all fantastic moms with FFGW are kitties, though - some are foster moms!  (Don't worry, foster dads - you'll get your day in June!)  “Baby” was a mom kitty, who survived a horrible home fire with a burned paw.  
Separated from her 5 babies for almost a week after the fire, FFGW rescued both she and her kittens, but would she accept the babies?   
Enter the Gregoire family, already fostering a special needs cat for FFGW, they opened their home and hearts to Baby and the Babies… and all are doing well (probably doesn’t hurt that Mom is a veterinarian!).  
And, as I was writing this, I learned that FFGW rescued Lyric.
A true "Tiger Mom", this mother protected herkittens from an attack by another animal, even though she was injured. Lyric will get the care she needs and when she's healed this brave tiger will be looking for her forever home. 
by Harry Shubin 
May 3, 2015

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