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Meet the Artist! Cindy Mirabile talks about drawing cats for FFGW

Posted by Harry Shubin on

FFGW:  Tell me about your background, did you have formal art training? 

CM:  I did! I always had an interest in drawing, but I did not start really learning to draw until sixth grade, spurred on by a fellow student who looked over my art and casually said “Your horse’s legs are backwards.” I had no idea what she meant, and I went and found a photograph of a horse to look at. It was a real turning point for me, and I began really learning to draw by looking at things.

Kitten - Brown

FFGW:  Do you do commercial art professionally?

CM:  I don’t. I love to draw, and I think doing it as a career would take away my love for it. I do occasional freelance work, so I suppose that makes me an amateur. I have done web logos, pages for webcomics, illustrations, and portrait commissions.

FFGW:  Have you drawn since you were a child (did they look at your coloring books and say you should be an artist!)  Did you want to be an artist when you grew up? 

CM:  No, I wanted to be either Batman or a vet when I grew up. The first praise I ever remember getting for my art as a young child was from (of course) my mom. It came out of my first critique. I was four, and I brought her a picture of a cat I had drawn. She asked me if I could think of a way to make the cat look fuzzy, so I took it back and added a wobbly zig-zag line all around the perimeter of the cat’s body. That drawing is taped in my baby book to this day.

Kitten - Brown & White

FFGW:  Had you drawn cats before doing the art for FFGW? 

CM:  Yes, but not a great many. My primary subjects have always been animals and people though.

FFGW:  Your cats look so distinctive, not like typical ones seen often in other drawings – I think that if I saw one away from FFGW, I would say to myself “that looks like a Cindy Mirabile cat!” – how did this style (the shape of the head, how they’re almost smiling) come about?

CM:  I’m an illustrator at heart. If my picture does not contain any narrative, I lose interest in it quickly. With the cats for the FFGW nursery, I wanted them to look like individuals with a lot of love they were just waiting to share with whoever adopted them. Cats are appealing, wonderful characters and I wanted to make sure that they came across that way for the fundraiser. I’m lucky in that the shape of many cats’ faces is easily adaptable into a smile because of the roundness of their snout.

Mom & 3 Kittens

FFGW:  Is there a particular subject that you most like to draw?

CM:  In brief, people and animals. In slightly less brief, I love story and I try to draw characters and narratives using people and animals as subjects. I am very fond of fantasy and also lovable monsters. Lovable monsters have a particular appeal because I like to think that people will look past a shaggy, toothy exterior to find the warm-heart underneath. It’s a universal idea that holds a lot of meaning for me.

FFGW:  What materials do you use to produce your drawings – what sort of papers, pens/brushes/ink etc.?  Is it a multistep process, from a raw sketch to final, using different tools?

CM:  I am an eclectic artist and I use a very wide variety of tools, but the majority of my work on paper is done on white cardstock. I start with a rough sketch using 2H lead in a mechanical pencil. Then I outline in ink, most commonly technical pens with an ink that will withstand the alcohol I the markers I use. Finally, I color with Copic markers. They’re alcohol-based markers that lay down color in semi-transparent layers, so they can be used almost like watercolor.

FFGW:  What projects are you working on for FFGW now?

CM:   I just finished the spring backdrop for the kitten nursery. A petal-pink sky full of fluffy white clouds behind a white garden fence. The carpet is the color of new grass, accentuated by a rug that suggests a lily pond. We wanted the Spring Nursery to be visually distinct because it’s a whole new crop of kittens that need care!

FFGW:  How did you come to draw for FFGW? 

CM:  My two wonderful kitties, Fiona and Nigel, were adopted through FFGW in 2005. Doing something to help animals has always one of my goals, and even when I was donating money to FFGW, I never felt like I was giving enough. Then, I found myself in a situation where I could not easily donate money each year. At about that same time, the call for volunteers came in my e-mail. I found a new way to give and to help more kitties find homes.

FFGW:  We certainly appreciate your wonderful talent, and hope everyone will go check out the new backdrop in the nursery!

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Kitten - Black

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