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It's St. Catrick's Day!

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Why, it’s almost Saint Catrick’s Day!  What – you’ve heard of St. Catrick, haven’t you? No?  Gosh, well gather round, lick your paws and hear about the great rescue.  

Once upon a time, in a shelter far, far away, there were a lot of kittens and cats that needed a home.  And, there were homes for them!  Only, the homes were very far away.  Just when it looked like there was no hope, suddenly a cat appeared - driving a big SUV!   St. Catrick (there are conflicting reports, but we believe he was a redhead – ah, orange tabby)  had the mystical power to operate a car and get the cats from where they were, to where they had to be.  Before you could say "hey, wait a minute - isn't a cat operating a motor vehicle illegal in 50 states and the District of Columbia" - the cats were all on their way to furever homes - St. Catrick drove the cats out of shelters.  

And so, every year in March, rescued kitties everywhere celebrate their safe passage from shelters into rescues, where they are able to find forever homes!  How do the rescued kitties celebrate?  Well, taking a nap, of course – but they also ask all their friends to honor St. Catrick by helping transport cats from shelters to rescue (and from rescues to the vet, or to fosters, or from fosters to adoption events!). 


                                                  (Artist's Rendering - Not Actual St. Catrick)                                  

If we could put down our green kibble for just a moment and be serious - did you know that transport is an important element of rescue – not just local transport, but sometimes across state lines? recently published an informative article about this little-known aspect of saving lives:

At FFGW, our needs are a bit more modest – we simply need folks whose paws reach the pedals to help us meet those transports locally and bring cats the last little way to their foster homes or to our vet, or to bring cats from local shelters to fosters. 

St. Catrick would be especially delighted if in addition to transport, you could short-term foster, for a few days or a week until incoming cats can have their vet appointments and space opens up either with a longer term foster or at our adoption center inside the Leesburg PetSmart.

If you can help – even if you only have two legs, and aren’t an orange tabby – we’d sure appreciate you joining our transport group and responding to an occasional email when you can.  You don’t even have to wear green!

If you can help with transport and/or fostering, please email

How much does it mean to the cats?  Tiger's before and after photos tell you!

Tiger's Shelter Photo

                                                                                         Tiger in his Furever Home!

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