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Kinder Kitten Fund

Posted by Harry Shubin on


A Kinder, gentler world – that’s what it would be if Patty Kinder had her way.  “Kinder” means children in German, and means – well, kinder, in English.  Patty certainly lived up to her name, as a friend to FFGW.  Patty's special mission has always been kittens--she would take practically  every litter of bottle babies that came through our vet as well as every feral kitten her neighbors brought to her door.  Raising neonatal kittens is not easy. Not only do they need feeding every couple of hours, but they need everything a mom would have done for them - bathing, help with bathroom tasks, warmth - and learning to trust humans.

FFGW found homes for several of Patty's bottle babies, and always knew we could count on her for friendly, well socialized kittens that immediately found homes.  We lost our friend Patty a few weeks ago to breast cancer, and we’re establishing a special fund in her memory, which fund will be used to continue her mission to provide care to the most precious and delicate felines, kittens just a few days old without a mom, kittens who must be bottle fed.  We hope you’ll join us in honoring Patty’s memory.  You can donate here:  Kinder Kitten Fund


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