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A Bowl-Boiling Love Story

Posted by Harry Shubin on

A Bowl-Boiling Love Story

With Apologies to Raymond Chandler




(Cue Romantic Music) A windswept beach... Janie, a lonely woman, who has lost all she has, torn from her family and her home... Beau, a dashing, debonair man of mystery... he was resigned to a life alone, hiding unknown secrets... thrust together out of necessity, can they find love together, in a world bent on tearing them apart because people only want one cat? They didn't know each other when they first met, these two lost souls, but as they were passed over for adoption again and again, these two beautiful cats found each other, and a love story blossomed.   

Chapter One 

There was a damp wind blowing up from Lake Anna into Just Cats Clinic that afternoon.  It was one of those humid breezes that climb the hills of Reston even in winter, making your fur curl and your paws sweat.  On afternoons like that, every play session with a felt mouse ends in a fight.  Meek little house cats sharpen their claws and study the dog's neck.  Anything can happen. You could even get adopted.  It was the kind of afternoon that made Beau’s whiskers twitch.  It was the kind of afternoon when nothing good happened.  And when nothing good happened, it usually happened to him.



Beau saw the man, the moment he walked into the adoption event.  Through slitted eyes, he pretended not to notice.  Sure, he could have been adopted a hundred times by now, not that he needed it. No, he was doing fine by himself.  He could opt for the easy life, or not.  It didn't really matter to him.   He had foster lodging here at the Young Feline Cats Association, and that was fine.  But he knew it wouldn’t last, and sometimes now, he thought he'd find something more permanent to be attractive.  Full bowls, soft beds.  Petting.  His own family, not some temporary lodging, where you pretended that the other cats at the YFCA were “just like family.”   Life had been hard, and now it could be easy.  But there was the dame.  Janie.  Slow to warm up, he'd heard them whisper about her.  Maybe it was pity, why he stuck with her.  It couldn't be love, because love had been carved out of Beau long ago.  


One thing he knew, though, if he left, she'd be on her own.  And he didn't like that.  Could that be love?  

Beau purred to himself, thinking out loud.  His attitude had been changing a lot recently. Call it wisdom; call it just plain being tired of always running.  It was time for a change. He turned to Janie, spoke to her quietly.




Look, I'm not leaving you.  We're doing this together.  This one, babe.  she's the one.  You don't need to be scared, because I'm with you.  Pack your bags, we're going to go home.

 The Last Chapter

 Will they live happily, ever after?  Janie and Beau's miracle indeed did happen. When the two had about given up hope of finding a home together, destiny wrote the perfect ending, as a kind woman fell in love with their love for each other, and took both of them home. Janie and Beau are enjoying living with her and letting her pet them lots and lots.  Beau loves to sit on his little kitty condo and watch everything going on outside his window. Janie loves to play with all her new toys and cuddle in her bed. Their mom loves them they are happy in their forever home, and their story reminds us of why we keep faith in harder to place cats.






Raymond Chandler

1888 - 1959 

Raymond Chandler, author of the Philip Marlowe novels, talked to his black Persian, Taki, as though she was human and called her his secretary because she sat on his manuscripts as he tried to revise them.  He stated, "A cat never behaves as if you were the only bright spot in an otherwise clouded existence...this is another way of saying that a cat is not a sentimentalist, which does not mean that it has no affection."   We think he would have approved of Beau and Janie's story.


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