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You've Got a Friend

Posted by Harry Shubin on

Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall, all you’ve got to do is call, you’ve got a friend…

-James Taylor


Charles & Phillip


Only sometimes, when you’re a cat, having a friend can make finding a forever home much harder.  From all the people in the world, there’s a small subset that want a cat.  From that subset, there’s an even smaller number that want – two  cats.  So, what’s a guy to do, when he’s got a friend?  FFGW knows what a rough start in life some of our cats have had, and when a cat forms a friendship with another cat – be it a littermate, or just a buddy he met on the street – we honor that bond and place them together.  After all, isn’t that what the cats would ask for?  It sometimes takes a longer time to find a home, but in the end, the result is happier cats.

According to Kelley Tom, a volunteer with House of Dreams Shelter in Oregan, animals often go through a grieving process just like humans if they lose a companion.  “It can manifest in a few different ways, but sometimes they’ll just sit listlessly, lose energy, and they’re not interested in eating or playing,” says Tom. At House of Dreams,  resident cat Montero was typically an energetic, friendly guy who enjoyed a good belly rub. But after his feline friend got adopted, he took to slinking away in a corner or closet to sleep.  The shelter staff thought he was sick, but a veterinary visit revealed Montero was likely just missing his friend.  Shelter staff hadn’t realized how strongly he had bonded to the other cat, a female who had befriended most of the shelter’s other cats as well. 

It’s hard to tell why animals tend to bond with each other. As with people, the attraction can be difficult to explain.  In some cases, they’re littermates or grow up together, but bonds can also form at shelters among unrelated cats.

Many people know that it’s best to adopt young kittens in pairs, so that each kitten has an outlet for that amazing energy, but not everyone realizes that it can sometimes be important for adult cats as well.  At FFGW, we recognized several pairs like Charles and Phillip, and work to place them together.  Cats like Beau and Janie… whose story is told elsewhere in this newsletter

Beau & Janie are about 1-2 years old and a super-duper bonded pair.  It's a true love story. Like Lady and the Tramp, with cats instead of dogs, these love bugs are rarely apart. Traveling around the house as a pair, wrapping/twining tails, purring and head butting, Beau and Janie want to spend their lives together.

Also bonded are Chrighton and Dargo…


Living together for some time, these beautiful boys became homeless when their person could no longer care for them.  Now, the only stability they have is each other – and FFGW will work to keep that safety blanket for them and find them a home together – a home just like the one that adopted both Charles and Phillip!

I won't cry, I won't cry
No, I won't shed a tear
Just as long as you stand, stand by me

-Ben E. King

You can help FFGW stand by our bonded pairs  – if you’re looking to adopt, consider a cat with a friend.  If you know of someone looking to adopt, talk about the beauty of having a cat with a buddy – companionship when you’re not home, a cat that’s less bored, and for many, a cat that keeps the stability of his or her life.  Because, ain’t it good to know you’ve got a friend?


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